Halfway through 2020

Can you realise that we’re halfway through 2020? I honestly had to pinch myself.

A few blog posts ago, we were welcoming a new family member, looking to hire a helper and start some new hustles. It all got reshuffled. We moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, after nine incredible years in Greater China. We left our jobs, said goodbye to our friends, and had to settle in a new life.

Many people around us had their situations change dramatically as well. And yet, it feels like things aren’t over. When will they?

I was reading somewhere that you can tell when you’re living during a major period of history. We’re in it, and we’ll talk about this year for the decades to come.

One day, I will have to share with my daughter that the world was changing. And that we were doing our best to create a safe space for her own development.

In this world in transition, with our own lives changing, I got asked how I was doing, and if I was missing Shanghai.

Of course!

And yet, that’s not the point.

2020 is unusual, but being forced to adapt isn’t. Rather than worrying, we’ve decided to look at the positive side. We are lucky enough to find a safe environment around us. It is more than we can ask for. We’ve decided to look forward, be hopeful for the future, and be happy with the new cards we’ve been dealt with.

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

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Matthieu Bodin

Matthieu Bodin is an entrepreneur and community builder. After 9 years in Hong Kong and Shanghai, he moved to Amsterdam with his wife and baby girl!