Innovation the Chinese Way

Is there such a thing as “Innovation the Chinese Way?”

Working with entrepreneurs and innovators for years in Greater China, I got to ask myself if Western methodologies were relevant in the region.

The Lean Startup, Human-Centered Design, and Agile Methodologies are taught as golden standards by incubators and universities in China…

But are they applicable there?

Joining XNode with this question, we looked into how Western methodologies might be limited.
Five main reasons stood out:
▶️ The immense scale of resources;
▶️ Rapid adoption rate;
▶️ Distinct Development models;
▶️ Attitude towards privacy;
▶️ Role of the government.

Most people were against the idea of challenging what seemed like the universal best solution to create value.

But a few were intrigued and we enjoyed exploring “Innovation the Chinese Way” with them.

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Matthieu Bodin

Matthieu Bodin is an entrepreneur and community builder. After 9 years in Hong Kong and Shanghai, he moved to Amsterdam with his wife and baby girl!