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What I’m doing now (updated Oct 2019)

This page is from Matthieu / Vincent might be convinced one day 😉

I live in Shanghai 🇨🇳, since September 2016 after 5 years in Hong Kong 🇭🇰.

Celebrating my 6th month as Growth Director for XNode in Shanghai and enjoying the ride. The biggest breakthrough has been to reconsider the organization positioning and experimenting with our partners.
I will share it with the world within the next few weeks, once we have formalized it a littl’ bit better.

Awesome personal news, a 👶🏻baby girl is on the way and should land into our lives late October/early November. We are very excited to make space for this tiny human being joining us soon!
The million dollars question is how much time I’ll get to work on my side hustles and routines. But that’s impossible to predict…

Side Hustles 🚀

A blog with a collection of thoughts and discoveries.

I wrote less than before which is not a good way to improve my writing skills. Keeping the rhythm isn’t easy, especially as I read a lot of excellent blog posts and feel a big difference in quality. But practice makes perfect, they say. So I push myself to continue.

Routines 🦍

I’m big on Self-Structure and morning routine. Here is the current one:

  • 6:10 Wake up, wash up and drink water
  • 6:20
    • Day A: indoor cycling for 30 minutes & workout from Nike Training
    • Day B: yoga on FitStar Yoga & workout “Daily Dose” on Fitbit Coach
  • 7:20 Drink water and 15 minutes meditation on Headspace
  • 7:50 Shower, breakfast, and good to go!

After lunch

750 words note including “What I learned today” and “Three things I’m grateful for today”

Before sleeping

  • 9:30 pm Placing my smart devices in a different room than the bedroom and washing up
  • 10:00 pm Read on Kindle or hardcover book
  • 10:30 pm Sleep

During the week

  • Drinking at least 2L of water/day
  • Having Green Superfood juice once every two days
  • Tracking it all on Todoist

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now page. Updated on October 07, 2019

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