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What I’m doing now

This page is from Matthieu / Vincent might be convinced one day 😉

I live in Shanghai 🇨🇳, since September 2016 after 5 years in Hong Kong 🇭🇰.

May has been a special month this year. I resigned and transitioned out of my role as Regional Manager for Techstars in Greater China after three years on the job.

I am joining XNode as their Growth Director and will be based in Shanghai.

XNode started as a coworking space 4 years ago and experienced an increase in demand from large corporations and entrepreneurs to innovate with more support in China.

Side Hustles 🚀

A blog with a collection of thoughts and discoveries.

Short term goal: Finding my voice and building some momentum + publishing roughly 2 articles a week.

Jook App

Jook is the best jukebox app where you can listen to music with friends and colleagues.

Short term goal: Reviving the app, building a group of beta testers

Routines 🦍

I’m big on Self-Structure and morning routine. Here is the current one:

  • 6:30 Wake up, wash up and drink water
  • 6:40
    • Day A: indoor cycling for 30 minutes & workout “Daily Dose” from Fitbit Coach
    • Day B: yoga on FitStar Yoga & workout “Daily Dose” on Fitbit Coach
  • 7:30 Drink water and 15 minutes meditation on Headspace
  • 8:00 Shower, breakfast, and good to go!

After lunch

750 words note including “What I learned today” and “Three things I’m grateful for today”

Before sleeping

  • 9:30 pm Placing my smart devices in a different room than the bedroom and washing up
  • 10:00 pm Read on Kindle or hardcover book
  • 10:30 pm Sleep

During the week

  • Drinking at least 2L of water/day
  • Having Green Superfood juice once every two days
  • Fasting at least 16 hrs once a week
  • Tracking it all on Todoist

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now page. Updated on March 24, 2019

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