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Listen to our inspiring stories, adventures captured and collected from all over Asia!

Linka Lin – High Energy and Great Impact

Linka works at the UNDP in Bangkok, she helps young people in APAC achieve their goals with entrepreneurship and empowerment. In this episode, we talk about her journey, how she made tough decisions, and how she sees her impact. Read the full transcription here

Vincent Geoffray – Manufacturing and Selling from Hong Kong

Vincent is co-authoring but his full-time role is with, a product development studio based in Hong Kong. In this this episode, we talk about picking the right factory, thinking through logistic, and making tough business decisions. Read the full transcript here

Marian Danko – founder of the TECOM Conference and WeHustle

Marian Danko is the #ChinaHustler. In this episode, he talks about creating a thriving startup community and his own journey. Read the transcription here

Felix Wong – Talking about books with impact!

Felix Wong and Matthieu Bodin share our top 10 books for entrepreneurs. Felix is an Entrepreneur and Community Builder in Asia and beyond. Love startups, coffee, reading, and Marvel. Read the transcription here

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