Starting Side Hustles – First Sprint!

Starting side hustles has been a dream of ours for years. We tried multiple times but have been successful. Vincent and I are giving it another shot. 2020 big project, here we come!

We’ve always had an itch for creating side projects. A few years ago, and from Hong Kong, we worked on Anekdote. Anekdote was a platform to help our community find products that were beautifully conceived and crafted. We got a small crowd of followers and appreciated the design edge of our site. But it never took off.

Learning from Vincent’s main company,, we developed small hacks that could help similar business owners. Trying a semi-dozen of ideas helped us “get things out there.” But we struggled to find proper distribution channels to feel like we were going somewhere. So we stopped.

Early February, we talked again about this dream we had of creating multiple side hustles. It felt like a good time to give this another shot. Enter,

This week is our first sprint. There isn’t much right now. Except for the beginning of a process – don’t judge us at face value yet! We’ve brainstormed a bunch of ideas and went on selecting three of them.
Interestingly, they were either “lists” or simple apps. As a result, we gave ourselves the goal of tech-testing the achievability of developing these two kinds of ideas. More on that next week!

The other angle that we wanted while starting side hustles was setting different mottoes.
Mottoes are a short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating the beliefs or ideals of an individual, family, or institution.

Our first mottoes are:
– No Code, No Hardware
– First Money earned within 3 months
– One simple template per type of project (lists or app as discussed above👆🏻)
At times, we’ll need cool people to help. That’s how we’ll judge talent:
– High Intelligence, High Energy, High Integrity (From

It won’t be easy, but we are excited with starting side hustles.
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Matthieu Bodin

Matthieu Bodin is an entrepreneur and community builder. After 9 years in Hong Kong and Shanghai, he moved to Amsterdam with his wife and baby girl!