When was the last time you got bored?

/bôrd/ adjective

“feeling weary because one is unoccupied […]”

“When was the last time you got bored?”

Since asking this question to a friend at a recent conversation, I am haunted by this idea.
As a kid, a fair amount of time was spent being bored. Holidays in rural France were boring. Maths classes were boring. Long weekends were boring. Being bored was natural, I would have all the space needed to let my mind go on the run. Hunting for random thoughts or resting my attention on vague ideas. That was the most common way to spend my time.

And as if I woke up from a long dream, I realized that I had not been bored in a long time. A really long time.

It was actually challenging to remember when was the last time I got genuinely bored. One, five, ten, fifteen years ago? No way to recall.

We have so many opportunities to do “something”. Something useful, or not. But I always have my smartphone reachable, mountains of articles to read, a stack of books to go through or catch up with awesome people.  
In previous posts, I have even written about following morning and evening routines. It is all about making sure to crunch as much productivity in the shortest period possible.

Around me, we start discussing about nurturing time to get bored. Appreciating and protecting these moments. We can aim at creating more value, but we shouldn’t stop cultivating boredom.

So, here is a challenge for you:

Would you sit back on your seat, put down your smart devices, stair through the window, and get bored a little while?

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Matthieu Bodin

Matthieu Bodin is an entrepreneur and community builder. After 9 years in Hong Kong and Shanghai, he moved to Amsterdam with his wife and baby girl!